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A Local Plumbing & Sewer Service

(773) 414 4383

A Service for You

Here at A Local Plumbing and Sewer Service

we are the open drain plumbing and sewer service we are here 24/7 to answer your call with a live person to talk to you now ! if you need to open a drain; open a sewer line or you need your sewer cleaned , we are here. Do you need a plumber to do plumbing service ? We are a local plumber ! we open sewer drain s all the time ; we also do drain and sewer repairs. if you are having a water pressure problem or if your water is not working from frozen pipes give us a call at 773 414 4383

we thaw and repair frozen pipes, we also do electric power rodding.

Yes do repair Are You In need of PLUMBER ? SERVICE ? or Emergency plumbing repair in the Chicago area ? A Local Plumbing and Sewer Service provides 24 hours, seven days a week services, with free estimates, . So whatever the need for your plumbing system, A Local Plumbing and Sewer Service has 35+ years experience . Sewer backups sewer repair water heaters, sump pumps We do Plumbing repairs on


​ shower,

​ sink,



hot water tank , toilets, & clogged drains ,-

we have it covered!

Call A Local Plumbing and Sewer Service today at 773-414-4383

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